Pregnancy Crisis & Support (PCS) is a service under

Catholic Family Life, a non-profit charity.


PCS began in 1987 when Redemptorist

Father Edmund Dunne and a group of

dedicated people realized the need for a

crisis hotline for women with

unplanned and unsupported pregnancies.

It was the first such crisis hotline and

befriending support for these girls and

women who had no clue about the

resources available and felt

helpless and hopeless.


PCS have been providing then till now,

a listening ear and shoulder to lean on.

Offering options to empower women

to make informed decisions, moving

forward in confidence knowing that

they are not alone in their journey.

One day my hopes and dreams came crashing down when I found out that I was pregnant. I could not believe it was happening to me. I had so many questions, how could I afford to raise a child? My boyfriend is not ready to commit and settle down. Where are we going to live?


What's Next

You have options. We will help you find solutions that fit with your life. Plans that work for you and your pregnancy

How We Help 

There is so much on your mind now. We can help you to sift through the many issues and find clarity and hope.

It Takes a Village

We have a community ever-ready to support you. From medical, legal to financial. To help you formulate a plan

to take charge and plan

a new future.

Crisis Hotline

We are just a phone call, text or email away. Anytime when you are ready, we are here for you.

Contact Us

Chat . Meet . Bond . Journey 

Crisis Hotline (9am - 10pm)



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